Now Outsourcing: A Very Merry Christmas 2012

Celebrating Christmas 2012 with the NOW family.

Lolengs Garden Resort: Christmas Party 2012

BOB and friends organized another outing before the year ends. Their Christmas Party. December 09, 2012 was the saved date.

Fish Goes to BALI-BALI

Friday, May 26, 2012 schedule so be our Fish Planning for all the activities that we would want to do to make the NOW OUTSOURCING SERVICES more livelier than the usual.

A Rainy Splash: Boracay 0612

Boracay, Philippines. The Most visited tourist spot here in the Philippines. Ocean Adventures, Bar Hopping, Fun and Friends are always there.

Seagull Mountain Resort 2012

October 26, 2012 Some of the BOB members decided to have a peaceful escapade at Seagull Mountain Resort.

Isla Ambak-ambak: Happy Birthday 2012

August 5, 12, We (Chris and I) decided to throw a birthday treat as saying thank you for all the goodness and ofcourse friendship that they've given to us.

Log Out, Shutdown, Travel to PALAWAN: Palawan 2012

It was about three months ago when i posted on my facebook timeline about Palawan. It was exactly the picture at the left side is the thumbnail of that post. I posted in bisayan dialect "Tara! suroy ta :)".

Sabado, Enero 5, 2013

Last Happenings for 2012 and Saying Hello to A Beautiful 2013

My 2012 is such a big blast. I got regular on my job, got to travel, gain more friends, and most importantly I've been blessed. There's a lot of things to thank for. I also learn more about myself, whom to trust and not, what to believe and not.

Well for this year I gained some important lessons in life.
  • We must not talk, believe and act too much when we are in the midst of anger. 
  • Some people may confuse what is reality when they share their griefs and dislikes onto somethings or someone. Actually this is reality, but what Am I pointing is that those negative thoughts would pull us in disbelieving what we believe and it might turn out the wrong thought. 
  • As a conclusion. WE MUST SEE WHAT WE BELIEVE. Always keep and stand for what you think is right and avoid negative chismis.. :))))
Some of our 2012 Happenings Fun Pics. 
Our last picture at NOW HQ before we had our Christmas Vacation
 Jestoni's Welcome Party Fresh From Quezon City.

Saturday, December 22, 2012, we planned to go home. We had to buy some pasalubong and christmas gifts for my brother, mama, papa and some of our relatives so we hit Abreeza Davao. Before we start the panic buying (together with tons of late Christmas shoppers. hahaha) We ate at Bon Chon Abreeza Branch. They have good and well trained staff and serve good food.

Sunday, December 23, 2012. The Pheyk Friends had A small get together. Though the group is not complete that time due to some reason, I will still cherish this moment :)
My cute cousins, during our Lola's birthday.
Christmas eve...

Tada!!!!! my Christmas Gifts. Thank You! Special mention to my palalabs.. You're other gift is not included in here. It's for my eyes only! :P
After our Christmas vacation, I need to go back to the city because we still have 3working days left for 2012. Me and My boyfriend decided to have our last date for 2012. So we tried the Hollywood Burger.(he likes burger so much!)

Lovers at Hollywood :)

Let's All Say hello to 2013 :) 

1st Friday of the Year. NOW HQ had its 1st Themed day of the YEAR. We all wear green (color of the year) to had a Warm Welcome for 2013.

First Fridate of the year. hihihihi.!

 I am Hoping that 2013 will be as nicer as my 2012 or a better one :) 

Thanks for dropping by. XOXO

Biyernes, Disyembre 21, 2012

NOW Outsourcing: A Very Merry Christmas 2012

Celebrating Christmas 2012 with the NOW family.

A message from our General Manager: Christmas is a time for Giving - not just gifts but Time, Love and Togetheress to the people we are closest to (which ultimately are better gifts anyway) Aside from the gifts we have shared to people who need it the most, we also had to take time out to share and express it to the people we are surrounded with each and everyday. Thanks for a wonderful year at NOW and we look forwar to more friendship, love, time and togetherness ahead! Happy Holidays from our HOME to yours :)

Fun Pictures all through out the event :) 
Web Team - Pretty Ladies <3

Our official hosts of the night. Trianne and Sam 

Our Guest hosts of the night! - Thanks we enjoyed the show guys :)

1st game for the event - Banana Eating Contest

The Lemon Game - Romel and I WON!!!!

The Bubble Gum Chewing Contest

Eating Race - Web Team Won!!!! :) 

The Web Dev Winning Sip of Red Horse Extra Strong

The Winners for the Eating Race.. Woohhhow!

We had our bunot-bunot gifts courtesy by NOW Outsourcing Management. 

My Manita :) April - Thanks for the gift dear.

My Manito - Thank you also for liking what I've given to you! Mwuah Mwuah! Merry Christmas :) 

Our General Manager - Ready to receive gifts from us! We knew you'll like it. Have A Very Merry Christmas Ma'am Rics :) 

This Christmas Party is another successful event thrown by the NOW OUTSOURCING SERVICES
To All of my NOW friends/officemates A Merry Merry Christmas to all of you! Enjoy your long vacation :)

Lolengs Garden Resort: BOB Christmas Party

BOB and friends organized another outing before the year ends. Their Christmas Party. December 09, 2012 was the saved date.

Our Meeting Place - Jollibee Toril

This is our ride to Lolengs Garden Resort.
Touchdown to Lolengs garden resort and we are heading where we need to stay and eat for the whole day.

As we arrive to where we need to stay we immediately prepare for an early lunch, to sustain our vigor and be ready for the whole day splashing and games! woohoo!
Picture with the niknak - while we are eating :)
After we eat - the 1st game prepared immediately starts - Finding Marked Piso.
The next game is the stick in the water marathon - but i don't have picture for this game.

Next game is the longest line. We won! :)) hihih
After the longest line we headed to the play ground where the area is more spacious for us to have the catch the dragon's tail  game. This game is I think the most Fun of all.
Next game is the sack race - Team Rendel Won
Another game to test the concentration and agility of everyone is the egg catching.

The happy winners of the Egg Catching Game! Jason (right) and Eker (left)

Last but not the least is the Talong - Lemon game :)) Go bibi!

The 7ft. pool with Mamy Cindy. hahaha

Before we finish our outing and go home - we had the happiest part of it. The awarding! :))
This Christmas Party and Outing with the BOB is the most FUN! 
-less expensive but more of enjoyment- 
DULA - LINGAW -PANAGHIGALAAY - Have a Merry Merry Christmas and Wild New Year BOB

Pictures credit to: James Malibiran: James Malibiran Photography

Huwebes, Nobyembre 29, 2012

The Legends Unite: Rise of the Guardians

The most anticipated IMAX day comes. November 29, 2012, my very first visit to SM Lanang Premier and the Imax-capade (Rise of the Guardians).

Not being late for the whole month of October gives me the opportunity to have the passes to experience the Davao City's expensive Cinema.
Here's my voucher of winning

As we arrive at the Cinema lobby the ticket booth and snacks attendants as well as the crew inside the cinema are attentive and warm. They even gave us some token after we watched the movie. IMAX Cinema of SM Lanang Premier is not bad at all. From the Cenima Loby, CR and to the inside of the theater. Clean and cold. Most importantly the 3d glasses are good to wear. The screen is so big that you couldn't even see the edges. The audio is also great.

(Early kiddos for an IMAX-capade)

(with our imax 3d glasses)

(SM Lanang Premier waiting sheds)

(thank IMAX theather)

The Movie was great. It talks about friendship, fun, personality, believe, hope, courage and I think a lot more. Rise of the Guardians is a 3D computer-animated fantasy and adventure movie produced by DreamWorks Animation and directed by Peter Ramsey.  The concept for this fantasy movie is when the evil spirit (Pitch) launches an assault on Earth, the Immortal Guardians team up to protect the innocence of children all around the world. The animation was very well made to be viewed in real 3d and IMAX.

IMAX maybe expensive, but watching movie as great as this (Rise of the Guardian) and having good, comfortable and satisfiying service, well, definitely is not a bad idea of spending money.

Thanks Ma'am Rica V. Gadi. xoxo!